norwich wedding photography at keeper and the dell ceremony
Jo and John got married at the Keeper and the dell in Norwich, Norfolk. For an alternative wedding photographer, this place is what dreams are made of. This was the first wedding I had shot at Keeper and the Dell, and I remember doing a little jump about for a minute when I found out I was getting to photograph a wedding here. Seriously, this place is special.

Jo got ready at home in central Norwich with her bridesmaids who had flown in from all corners of the world. Fosters in champagne glasses, attempting the splits and bloody hilarious stories filled the hours before the wedding. While Jo was getting ready, I peered out of her bedroom window and noticed a gorgeous, shabby alleyway at the back of their house. After heaving a couple of dustbins out the way (photographer life – so glam), we spent ten minutes or so together; those guys continuing with the outrageous stories, me snapping away. I love those photos. Every time Jo looks out of her window she’ll be reminded of the hilarity on the morning of her wedding, and that’s pretty magic.

John who was nervously pacing up and down the lane waiting for Jo. The look of love on both of their faces when she arrived was something else. They walked up the aisle together with a guitarist twiddling in the background. Guests sat under the trees, a slight breeze in the air and Jo & John stood underneath a canopy of ribbons they had made themselves saying their vows. I’m gonna pause here to just say how incredible outdoor ceremonies are.

One of my favourite parts of the rest of the day was the surprise photo slideshow of their life together so far that pair watched standing on sofas in the barn. While everyone was taking a stroll down the hill to the marquee ready for dinner, the three of us wandered around a little for their couples portraits. I know I’ve already said this place is special for a wedding photographer, but there are SO many spots to photograph in. The bell tent, the retro caravan hidden in the corner, the quiet lane outside, the trees, the barn…I could go on but won’t.

It was time for me to leave just after tealights were dotted around and the lights hanging in the trees became brighter. The barn with the band in was playing at full whack, some serious dance moves being thrown and the drinks flowing. My kinda party. Here’s a glimpse at what it all looked like.. x

keeper and the dell wedding photography in Norwich first dance

  1. sarah

    January 31st, 2016 at 18:27

    I’m getting married in Norfolk and hopefully at the keeper and the dell! I love these photos – I really hope you’re free on our date to be our wedding photographer! Sarah & Jim x

  2. The Keeper and the Dell

    March 11th, 2016 at 09:47

    These photos are great and really show the wonderful fun & loving atmosphere of the day. Thank you Emily for sharing. Sarah & Jim, I’m not sure we’ve heard from you yet, but if you’d like to get intouch, we can see if we have a date for you!

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