Some call it alternative wedding and family photography. Some call it relaxed, documentary and/or story-telling. Rather than putting a label on it though, let’s just say I concentrate on the natural moments as they happen - every ounce of love, laughter and joy captured candidly. I’ll photograph everything exactly as it is. I’m not the sort of photographer that will ‘set up’ photos and tidy up your bedroom floor because to me, it's all part of the story... I want to capture your day exactly as it happens - glorious mess and all because when you look through your photos in years to come it's those tiny details that make the story. The cup of tea on the side you drank to steady your nerves, your make-up bag half-emptied across the bed from getting ready, toys on the floor.... It’s all those things you can talk about in years to come. My photography is just about having fun with the people you love most.

For family and couples shoots, I generally work mainly in Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex! For weddings, although Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex are really my base, I do make sure I keep aside a handful of bookings to allow me to shoot all over the country each year (I love exploring new places!) and my bags are always packed for a destination wedding the other side of the world!  Let me know where you’re heading or where you're based and I’ll let you know if you need to factor in travel and accommodation!

I love getting to know my clients to make sure we’re the perfect fit - I think it's super important. Use my contact form and let’s schedule a Skype chat so you can tell me everything..!

For weddings at peak times of year, your images will be with you in 4-6 weeks!

For family and couples shoots, it's usually just a week or two.

Absolutely! Get in touch and I’ll send you my detailed offerings guide. 

For weddings, I offer coverage with my associate at a reduced rate. They will attend your day and photograph it instead of me. You still receive the same emily tyler photography experience before the big day and I complete all the editing afterwards too!