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alternative and relaxed couple shoot in ipswich suffolk


For a lot of people out there, couples shoots or engagement photography sessions are their idea of a nightmare. I get it; the idea of having a camera pointed at you by a stranger is reasonably terrifying. The thing is, you’d love some photographs of you together, as a couple… Perhaps you’re completely up for the idea, but your partner is a little less convinced… Never fear, let me tell you exactly why you should book a couples/engagement shoot and give you a virtual kick up the bum.

Quality time together

In this day and age, we’re all busy and it’s unavoidable, I get that. Sometimes we realise we don’t get to spend as much time with the person we love as we’d like, or as much that we feel they deserve. Booking a couples shoot is a commitment to each other to spend and hour or two together, away from all the everyday crap that gets in the way of life together. No technology, no distractions, just eachother. Some of my couples use it in place of their ‘date night’. One thing they all say, is that they leave feeling more in love than when they arrived.

helen anderson melong lady engagaement shoot

Fear. Get rid of it.

It’s not really fear though is it? It’s apprehension. Not knowing what to expect. What if I make you do some cheesy poses? What if you have to fake smile for so long that your face hurts? What if you feel awkward? If these are things flying round your head then pause right there and throw them out the window. There will be no cheese on my shoots. No awkwardness. We’ll just have a laugh, stand you in front of some cool buildings or scenery, and you’ll have a chat together. Some photos will be taken, but you won’t mind. You’ll be relaxed and too busy to even notice. Promise.

couples enagagement shoot photography at the highwayman ipswich in suffolk

Imortalise this point in your life

You know when you see a photo of something you’ve done together and realise ‘oh shit, that was FIVE YEARS AGO’. Then you do a little panic at how quickly time is passing you by (yup, me too). You will never be at this point in your life again. Think about when you were younger and your grandparents would let you look through their albums, think about how incredible it was to see them earlier in their lives. I know I want to do that someday. Think about when you’re old and grey and have no photos of you together because you they were all on your iPhone, then you upgraded and they were gone forever..

couples shoot close up cups of tea

Feel Confident

Getting married? Whether you’ve got a date booked or its just on the cards some time in the future, a couples shoot will help you know what to expect. My couples have told me how much a difference it’s made to them. When it’s time for couples portraits on their wedding day, they’re not nervous in the slightest – instead they’re free to just concentrate on the fact that they’ve just got married and how bloody cool that is. Some people like to use their photos from their shoot for their invites or other wedding bits too…

norfolk woodland couples engagement photography shoot


When I say celebrate, I bloody mean it! Anniversary, birthday, bought a house, giving the shoot as a gift, whatever. In my books, you don’t really need a reason like those to celebrate. Just celebrate the fact that you have someone you love and they love you. Celebrate because they give you that fuzzy feeling in your belly. Let me capture it.

ipswich couple at engagement shoot in holywells park

Whether I come to your home and you have a cuddle on the sofa, we go for a walk where you had your first date, you wanna whisk me away somewhere exotic for your shoot (yes please), or you want me to suggest somewhere, that’s all cool with me.

Have a look through some of my other couples shoots. They all look pretty in love, huh? Think about it, you won’t ever have these moments again. x