You're planning a relaxed, fun wedding that's a little bit different.

You want natural images to see it back as you remember it; a few of the formal ones for families' sake, but mostly the laughter, little moments and all the love.

Hi, I'm Emily. I want to create images with you.

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the emily tyler photography experience 

the images & words that matter to my heart ...


Emotive, relaxed, documentary wedding photography is what I offer because to me, the real life moments happening before your eyes are the most important.

You’re not straight laced and neither am I. My heart and soul goes in to capturing what’s going on right in front of me, because I care about my couples like I do my closest friends. A relaxed approach is a good thing - there’s no bossy boots over here. 

Weddings with a unique, chilled out vibe are my thing. Being with relaxed couples & their awesome families for a day full of laughter is what I really care about. 

Everyone says they hate having their photo taken at first - that’s until we get going and they realise it’s really pretty fun. Will you look good in the photos? Heck yes, it’s your bloomin’ wedding day and we’re gonna have a blast.