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You're getting married and it's gonna be a blast.

When the day rolls round and you're in your Sunday best, you'll know me - like, really know me - and be able to let go and trusting you're in safe hands.

I'm asked time after time by guests if I'm a friend doing the photography, which I think is testament to how I'll fit right in to your party. I've kept in touch with so many of my couples, so beware, you might just bag a crazy friend out of all this, too... When you're ready, I can't wait to hear from you.

My couples know their own mind. They want a relaxed wedding full to the brim of the people that make their life worth living.

I reckon you're planning on a pretty good feast and dancing 'til dawn. You don't believe in the pressure of it being the one 'best day of your life', cos you know those are still to come. Instead, you believe in celebrating the each and every day that led you to this point and the beautiful marriage ahead of you. 

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Filmed like a fly on the wall. None of that being mic'd up malarkey, just candid moments filmed & awesome music.


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If you've got this far, you're probably thinking I might be the gal for you. I believe everyone should be able to have the photographer and filmmaker that they want - you only get married once.

You're probably nervous about having your photo taken. am i right?

that's what all my couples say until we get started. then we have a bloody good laugh, they relax in to it and realise it's actually pretty fun...